Evo, Rafa and the SIDH

An interesting piece from Ecuador about joint declarations from Evo Morales and Rafael Correa about attempts to reform the Inter-American Human Rights System. A couple of quick thoughts:

  1. Anytime leaders who count among the dozen who back Bashar Assad in Syria talk about the need to reform the SIDH (Sistema Interamericana de Derechos Humanos), I get suspicious. That said, they do make a very good point about the hypocrisy of Inter-America Commission on Human Rights being based out of Washington, DC when the United States hasn’t ratified the treaty.
  2. Until a Latin American leader explains how forcing Kelpers (people who live in the Falklands) to become part of Argentina against their will isn’t tantamount to colonizing the islands, I will remain firmly on the side of the Kelpers’ right to self-determination over Argentina’s territorial claims.
  3. In the piece, Correa and Morales are reported as mentioning three separate regional organizations through which they want to advance their reforms. I think this is symptomatic of a disease that runs throughout the region’s governments of creating lots of different organizations (or ministries or commissions) that all do roughly the same thing. I have difficulty imagining how spreading out the functions of human rights protection across the OAS, Unasur, ALBA and CECLAC (Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y Caribeños) will be more effective than centralizing them into one or two of those organizations… unless the whole point is to dilute the power of human rights enforcement in the region.

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